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Save time by using our content and templates gallery and create beautiful presentations faster than you’d think.
Niftio - online presentation software, rich content library


Choose from our vast library of thousands of free high-def photos, great looking shapes and customizable charts to illustrate your story.
Arrange Presentation Slides Journey - Niftio


Access transitions and add the finishing touches to your presentation: overview, animate and arrange your slides before you hit play.


Face your audience with confidence, allow us to take care of the rest.
Share Online Presentation - Niftio


Remote Control Online Presentation - Niftio


Play your presentation from any web-enabled device. Follow notes and keep track of how much time you have left.
Present offline presentation - Niftio


No surprises. Never worry about internet connection issues again. Download it in HTML or PDF and take it from here.


Interact with your audience, your readers, and your community.
Collect Feedback - Niftio


Track Presentation Analytics - Niftio


Get all the information you need from this presentation before you start working on your next one.

Combine your ideas with ready-to-use layouts and templates

Business Presentation Templates - Business proposal and marketing plan - Professional design templates - Niftio
Simple yet effective layouts that meet all your business needs: from project presentations to client pitches.
Education and Academic Presentation Templates | Niftio
Whether a student, a teacher or simply sharing valuable information, transform your educational moment in a terrific presentation that’ll keep your colleagues focused and curious.
Lifestyle Presentation Templates - Professional - Designer Made - Niftio
Make your ideas stand out in a crowd and choose from our wide collection of vibrant looks & feels designed to turn every presentation into an original and memorable experience.
Technology Presentation Templates - Niftio - Startup Picth Deck - Presentation Template


Preparing your next tech talk? Worry not, choose one of these attention grabbing templates, customize it and get things going.
Presentations are stories that matter. Make yours count with Niftio.
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